Elgg, WordPress Web Hosting

Elgg as a powerful social networking engine can be very server resources hungry especially on MySql database server. On this page we list companies who offer Elgg and WordPress hosting and is provided to help users looking for an appropriate hosting company. We use some of these companies for our Elgg/Wordpress testing and production sites. Elgg can run on shared hosting but it is more likely to get slow over time due to memory and CPU limits of shared hosting environment. Shared hosting companies we list here are good to test and start your social network on as Elgg installation is smooth and with no problems and we have tested it. These hosts are also good and affordable for starting any website hosting not just Elgg and WordPress.

If you need Custom server setup/site migration please Contact Us

Good Shared Hosts:

Below are two affordable recommended hosting companies to start and test your Elgg community. They both offer VPS and dedicated as well that you can upgrade later and they will do free Elgg site migration as well.


Hostgator is another great starter host for Elgg (or any other website). Very fast and no Elgg Installation problems here. Use coupon code juipohosting to get $9.94 off.

Good VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Again you can run Elgg on shared server but to run popular, busy Elgg powered social network you will need either VPS or Dedicated server. Below we list some good and reliable Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated hosting packages that work great with Elgg or WordPress.

Best VPS Hosting by far is Cloudways.

Chicago VPS

This is the best VPS hosting for the money, guaranteed. All Chicago VPS OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers are hosted on the same, high-end Dual Quad Core Xeon servers (all packages are equal-share CPU). Every single hosting node runs RAID10 for maximum performance and reliability and employs massive amounts of memory. We strongly suggest this host as they offer budget VPS hosting with great performance/hardware for the price. Go to main page . We have several of their Enterprise accounts, with 2 CPUs and 2GB RAM and running Nginx/PHP-fpm/MariaDB software, hosting anything from WordPress blogs to Elgg social networks with no problems. Their customer service is very good too.


Cloud Computing & Cloud Hosting by Rackspace Now this is for some serious web hosting. Rackspace offers full professional hosting with fully dedicated, managed dedicated servers, Managed Colocation and Cloud hosting as well. With Cloud Servers™ you get what you want when you need it. Make a new server for staging and four new servers for production. Delete one, create three more. You only pay for what you use! It is very cool. If you have a very large social network powered by Elgg this is a best hosting solution for you. We constantly monitor companies who host Elgg to help create and foster good hosting options for those wishing to run an Elgg powered site. If you encounter issues with one of the hosts listed here or If you have a favorite host you think should be listed here, please comment below.