Elgg Infinite Scroll – Ajax Pagination

2.42 out of 5 based on 57 customer ratings
(57 customer reviews )


Infinite Scroll – Ajax Pagination – Premium Elgg 1.8 Plugin replaces default pagination throughout Elgg with Ajax loading of more items on River/Activity or any other page that has pagination.

Compatibility: Elgg Version: 1.8


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Product Description

Infinite Scroll – Ajax Pagination – Premium Elgg 1.8 Plugin replaces default pagination throughout Elgg with Ajax loading of more items on River/Activity or any other page that has pagination. In plugin settings page you can choose to load more items with Infinite Scroll or by clicking on the button and select button colors with ColorPicker to match your existing styles/theme. Button background color, border color and link color. It works on all listings and gallery views.

You can test the plugin at dedicated Metro Theme Demo Elgg site. You can log in there with several demo user accounts, just select one from the drop down in the log in form.

Infinite Scroll – Ajax Pagination plugin Features

    • Ready out of the box, plug and play. Upload and enable in admin.
    • Ajaxed – Autoload more items on any page that has pagination.
    • Customizable through plugin Settings page.
    • Select to load more items with Infinite Scroll or by clicking on the button.
    • It works on all listings and gallery views.
    • Select button background color with ColorPicker.
    • Select button border color with ColorPicker.
    • Select button link color with ColorPicker.
    • Supports languages.
    • Lightweight, works with bundled Elgg JQuery.
    • Compatible with Elgg 1.8.x

Additional Information

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57 reviews for Elgg Infinite Scroll – Ajax Pagination

Customers' review

57 reviews 2.42 out of 5 stars
5 stars 1 1 %
4 stars 12 21 %
3 stars 12 21 %
2 stars 17 29 %
1 star 15 26 %
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