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Ajax Likes with Post Likes To River – Activity

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Ajax Likes + Post to River lets your users Like content throughout Elgg via Ajax and gives admin option to send Like posts to the river – activity as individual river items.

Compatibility: Elgg Version: 1.8


Product Description

Ajax Likes + Post to River – Premium Elgg 1.8 Plugin lets your users can Like content throughout Elgg via Ajax which means no page refresh. It also extends possibility and gives admin option to send Like posts to the river – activity as individual river items. In plugin settings page you can choose to add Likes to river, display them with Avatar or without (This option can help you de-clutter the river if there are too many Likes), add background color with ColorPicker and different padding to Like posts in the river.
You can test the plugin at dedicated Metro Theme Demo Elgg site. You can log in there with several demo user accounts, just select one from the drop down in the log in form.

Ajax Likes + Post to River plugin Features

    • Ready out of the box, plug and play. Upload and enable in admin.
    • Ajaxed Likes and Delete of Likes.
    • Customizable through plugin Settings page.
    • Select to send Likes to river – activity or not.
    • Select to display Likes in river – activity with user Avatar or without.
    • Select Likes river item background color with ColorPicker.
    • Select Likes river item padding.
    • Support for ALL bundled Elgg plugins plus Videolist, Tidypics and possibly more.
    • Supports languages.
    • Lightweight, works with bundled Elgg JQuery.
    • Compatible with Elgg 1.8.x

Additional Information

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47 reviews for Ajax Likes with Post Likes To River – Activity

Customers' review

47 reviews 2.47 out of 5 stars
5 stars 2 4 %
4 stars 9 19 %
3 stars 13 27 %
2 stars 8 17 %
1 star 15 31 %
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